34: “I am a James, I aways win.”

Philip “No way! Mum said that?” My immediate sister said as she paced the room. “Unbelievable” her rage seems to be heightened. ” And what did you say to her?” ” I was lost for a moment too. Of course, I know how mum is with her unusual ways ” running my hand through my hair, loss with words Natalie looked me in the eyes … Continue reading 34: “I am a James, I aways win.”


33. “Vanilla or Chocolate?”

Anna ” Hey, ain’t you going to stop doing that?” “What?” ” The texting.” I looked up from my texting at Shaun who stood gazing down at me. Her hands in akimbo and expression were not readable either. I sighed at her creased brows and dropped my phone on the office desk. I sit upright with all my attention at her: Shaun, quite the inquisitor. … Continue reading 33. “Vanilla or Chocolate?”

32: “Get rid of her and come home”

Philip “Philip” With mother’s eyes hidden behind the sunglasses, I couldn’t tell her expression. But I was ready for the usual reprimand… I let g of the door handle to make room for her to come in. With my back still turned at Anna, I couldn’t tell if Anna was anxious at meeting the mother. I became aware of the challenge I would have to … Continue reading 32: “Get rid of her and come home”

31: Mother

Philip ” You will behave in front of everyone. No tantrums Philip, do you hear me?” The firmness in her voice sent a chill down on my spine. A thirteen-year-old me nods in affirmation to avoid more talks from her. I have to say she was starting to irritate me. I had been called to the principal’s office when a fight broke out two hours … Continue reading 31: Mother

29: Rhodes

You know that saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ” Here “what happens in Rhodes may never stay in Rhodes” Anna “Why can’t you tell me where you’re taking me?’ Anna laments. The moment we left the office building, Philip folded my eyes with a scarf laying at the back of his car seat. I knew I was in for a long ride … Continue reading 29: Rhodes