35: Mom’s Journal

Philip I manoeuvred my car closer to Anna’s. Running as I approach my babe. I see as she shivers in the car. Head cupped between her legs ….. Shivers ran through my body … “Is she okay?” My knock on the window of her car jolts her off from her trance. ” Baby, please open the door.” I prayed silently that she hears me and … Continue reading 35: Mom’s Journal


34: “I am a James, I aways win.”

Philip “No way! Mum said that?” My immediate sister said as she paced the room. “Unbelievable” her rage seems to be heightened. ” And what did you say to her?” ” I was lost for a moment too. Of course, I know how mum is with her unusual ways ” running my hand through my hair, loss with words Natalie looked me in the eyes … Continue reading 34: “I am a James, I aways win.”

33. “Vanilla or Chocolate?”

Anna ” Hey, ain’t you going to stop doing that?” “What?” ” The texting.” I looked up from my texting at Shaun who stood gazing down at me. Her hands in akimbo and expression were not readable either. I sighed at her creased brows and dropped my phone on the office desk. I sit upright with all my attention at her: Shaun, quite the inquisitor. … Continue reading 33. “Vanilla or Chocolate?”

32: “Get rid of her and come home”

Philip “Philip” With mother’s eyes hidden behind the sunglasses, I couldn’t tell her expression. But I was ready for the usual reprimand… I let g of the door handle to make room for her to come in. With my back still turned at Anna, I couldn’t tell if Anna was anxious at meeting the mother. I became aware of the challenge I would have to … Continue reading 32: “Get rid of her and come home”

31: Mother

Philip ” You will behave in front of everyone. No tantrums Philip, do you hear me?” The firmness in her voice sent a chill down on my spine. A thirteen-year-old me nods in affirmation to avoid more talks from her. I have to say she was starting to irritate me. I had been called to the principal’s office when a fight broke out two hours … Continue reading 31: Mother